February 20, 2010

East Grand Rapids post player talks CMU Hoops

Recently, Colin Voss was in attendance at the Central Michigan basketball game as the Chippewas took down the Toledo Rockets. Chippewacountry was able to catch up with him and get his thoughts on a variety of issues.

The first thing he talked about was the season his future basketball program is having.

"They've been playing a little inconsistent, some games they come out and play really good and sometime they come out and don't play like I think they can. One they start to get more consistent, I really think they can beat any team in the MAC. Hopefully they can get it going in the MAC Tournament and get to the NCAA Tournament," said Voss.

While Voss was already excited to be a Chippewa, making the move even more exciting is the fact that he will be playing with two of his Grand Rapids Storm teammates in Mount Pleasant.

"You know its actual real cool for me," said Voss. "I get to come in, and knowing Nate and Myrick, I've played with them before and they're my friends. You know, I've talked to Coach Zeigler about that, about changing the colors to Orange and Blue (Storm colors), but I don't think he was to into that."

Also, Colin took the time to talk about the season his East Grand Rapids team is having. After a slow start, the Pioneers are starting to pick up the pace.

"Our season is going pretty well, we started out kind of slow because we had some injuries, but now it's starting to pick up and we're getting our guys back. We're starting to play like we can and we're winning some games."

Over the holidays, Chippewacountry was in attendance to see Colin and his East Grand Rapids team take on Saginaw. Against great ball pressure, Colin was forced to bring the ball up the court and get EGR into its offense.

"Actually we had to do that because our starting point guard was out for that game, and the guards that we had in there weren't really comfortable bringing it up in the pressure, so a lot of times they would just give it to me and make their
big guy come up and guard me. Usually we will take that advantage, because most big guys on other teams really can't stay with me in the open court. So I was just bringing it up, I mean it works in practice and then it works in most games."

Now, Colin and his teammates are looking forward to the state tournament.

"The first game we play Forest Hills Northern, and then the second game we play Grand Rapids Wayland Union, and they already beat us this year, so that will be a tough game and obviously we have to win the first one. But I really think if we can win that game, I think we can go really far and perhaps
to the Breslin. Last year we were only one game away from the Breslin, and I think we're better this year. The key is going to be that second game, I'm not overlooking the first team, but I think if we beat that first team and then beat that second team, we can really make a deep run."

Once his high school basketball season is over, Colin will then turn his eyes towards graduation and enrolling at CMU for summer classes.

"Actually, I think I am going to head up in the summer, just so I can get ahead and stuff, so I'm not cramming and bunch of things all together."

It will be essential for Colin to come to CMU and be prepared. He comes in with high expectations both from him self and those who have seen him play.

"I'm really excited to be up here, I'm expecting to come in and compete. I know Chris (Kellermann), the starting four man is leaving, and that's probably where I'll play. So my goal is really to come in and start right away to be honest, but that's everyone's goal. I don't think a freshman comes in and sits the bench. So that's why I want, and I'm just going to come into practice and whatever happens, happens. But I'm real excited about is, new stadium and everything, it should be a good time."

Stick with Chippewacountry as we continue to bring you all of the latest news on Central Michigan athletics.

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