September 19, 2008

Cotton holds pair of Big 12 offers

Alief Taylor defensive tackle DeAires Cotton has not played a football game in quite some time due to Hurricane Ike. However, that has not stopped colleges from pursuing the Houston-area junior.

The 6-foot-4, 275-pound defender recently picked up his first two offers from a pair of Big 12 programs. He says that both of them came as somewhat of a surprise.

"I got written offers from both Nebraska and Oklahoma," said Cotton. "I was actually surprised because I hadn't heard from Oklahoma, like at all. The same thing pretty much with Nebraska - I had gotten a letter from Nebraska before, but that was it. Both of them really caught me off guard.

"As far as mail goes, that day that I got offered by Nebraska, our coach was just opening up some mail. I had like a stack of mail. You know how when you don't go to your mailbox for two or three weeks? That's what it looked like. I had that much mail from all over like Illinois, Duke, USC, everywhere. So we were opening it up and he opened one thing and was like, 'Hey, Nebraska offered you.'"

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