10 GM Dennis Piron Part 2

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Dennis Piron might just be the hottest head coach in the State of Illinois over the past three seasons. Piron, who has compiled an impressive 34-3 record over the past three years added a Class 6A state title ring leading Batavia to it's first ever state football title in 2013. Get to know this youg coach on the rise here. Here is a taste from Part 2.
EDGYTIM: Talk about the rivalry you have with Geneva. How intense is this rivalry, which is one of the oldest in the state?
Dennis Piron: If you look at a plat survey of Illinois we both share a township with Geneva. In others places you would have your own township but here you have two townships in one platte. That is a very unusual thing to start. Our kids and our community, we are Red and Gold and they are Blue and White. We have totally different looking schools and colors. Yet these kids both grow up to some degree playing on the same local leagues and in some cases on the same teams so these rivalries begin at the grade school level. The rivalry starts at the grammar school level and also the travel ball levels. It starts at such a young age it makes it that much more unique.
What makes the rivalry even better now is that both programs are very good. Now when you play each other in football it's going to be a great game against a very well coached and well prepared team. Both teams pay the price and put the work in during the off season. When the teams are both good is when it becomes really fun. A lot of times now the winner of that game will be your conference champion. A lot of times now the winner of that game will be a team that will do pretty well in the playoffs. That success factor also makes the rivalry exciting and an awful lot of fun. It's important for our kids and our community to beat Geneva. Most of our kids they would most likely tell you if they lost a lot of games but beat Geneva, then it was a good season. It's important to them year in and year out to be ahead of Geneva. They know if we are ahead of Geneva then we can expect to be pretty high up in the standings.
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