Beat EDGY. Weekly.

The Weekly Battle Lines have been drawn. EDGYTIM versus You
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So do you think that you can outpick all comers in the 10 Top Games each week state-wide? Think YOU have what it takes to match picks with EDGYTIM?
Then makes sure and play 2014 Beat EDGY Weekly
So are you ready? It's EASY to play! Just click the link to Beat EDGYTIM Weekly and follow the simple rules and instructions......and you too can TRY to match picks with EDGYTIM.
Make sure to check out the EDGYTIM's weekly top picks later this week, or roll the dice and pick your winners NOW .
Deadline for Week 1 selections is Friday, August 28th at 3:00PM CST. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 3PM CST.
Also, only ONE ENTRY PER EMAIL ADDRESS/POSTER will be allowed. Winners are announced the Wednesday after each week's games are played.
EDGY's Week 1 Picks
Coming soon stay tuned.