Recap: Core 6 Showcase Defense

The 2nd annual /a>Core 6 Athletes Underclassmen Showcase was held and featured over 75 of the top prospect from the Land of Lincoln. This event was held at the Westmont Yard sports complex in Westmont, Illinois and this second annual event much like Core 6 Athletes has grown in numbers along with adding some serious quality of athletes.
Below is a quick look at some of the over 75 plus prospects who stood out today. Make sure to check the EDGY Nation forum all week for exclusive video highlights and more in depth analysis from this event.
Award Winners?

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Offensive/Defensive Line MVP? Lemont junior offensive tackle prospect Ethan Pocic was named as the MVP for the linemen group and this was honestly a no brainer despite Pocic having some very good competition all day. The best group positionally hands down were the offensive linemen and Pocic stood out the entire day. Pocic is just a well rounded and complete prospect already. Pocic has tremendous size and strength, moves his feet well, has good punch and again was by far the most developed and well rounded linemen here.
Defensive MVP? Defensive back prospect Jalen Banks from Thornton Township was named as the Defensive MVP and again after getting a good look at the positional drills and the one on ones Banks stood out on defense all day. Banks has great physical tools, possesses very good speed and change of direction. Banks also has a great nose for the ball, can play physical and took on all comers all day here. I'm honestly still a bit surprised at the lack of early offers so far for Banks but I expect that to change soon. A top notch corner prospect here who physically could play safety as well at the next level.
Offensive MVP? Junior standout Ty Isaac from Joliet Catholic. Duh. At this stage Isaac basically can just show up and be the best looking prospect in the building, yet Isaac works at his craft and his game and loves to go out and compete. Again Isaac is a high level recruit who honestly could be sitting at home Tweeting instead of competing but to me that's what makes this kid pretty special. Isaac has all of the tools of a big back at the college level.....size, strength, speed and a motor that never stops. 5 star anyone? Ty Isaac is a 5 star caliber kid in my book.
Who Stood Out? Defense
In all honesty I was most impressed with a handful of 2014 prospects on the defensive side of the ball at the Core 6 Showcase.
#1 LB Caleb Bailey Romeoville- looked a tad stiff in some positional drill work but overall has a very good game and good all around physical tools. Runs well to the ball and just seems to be a high level athlete here.
#4 S Kevin Ward Providence Catholic- is a bit on the thin side but Ward has good ball skills and seems to just get to the football and makes plays in pass coverage drills. Again is a work in progress physically but has some upside.
#5 LB Nyles Morgan Crete-Monee- what in the heck is in the water in Crete anyways? Always loaded with athletes at Crete and Morgan is just a 2014 kid with exceptional physical tools and upside here. Physically mature beyond his years and no question one of a handful of 2014 kids who really stood out here.
#6 DB Jalen Banks Thornton Township- very good all around player with impressive wheels and skills, Could play CB or S at the college level and Banks is just an impressive ball hawk with a good nose for the ball and very good instincts. Impressive.
#8 Dillian Chazley Charleston- I've seen Dillian and his brother Josh a few times now in person and while Josh is a name to watch Dillian really had a good day here. Dillian made plays and also has great speed and burst and is just a very good cover man. Played about as well defensively than you could ask for at one of these showcases which traditionally favor the offense. Impressive.
#40 LB Clifton Garrett Plainfield South- just looks better and better in person and he will always stand out at these non passed deals. Garrett still has a ton to learn about the position but his overall raw physical tools and abilities are just too high to ignore. Again I see a young Chris Patterson here physically and yes kids that's a really good thing. Back in the day they called Patterson the Freak in high school so you get the idea on Garrett here.
#41 DE Fred Beaugard Montini Catholic- I've seen fast Freddie better than he was here but Beaugard still has some game. Needs to add size and strength but his overall size/frame and quickness remains impressive.
#43 DE Khairi Bailey Morgan Park- another kid who I have a feeling will be a much different looking prospect in a year or two. Bailey is still a bit lean and needs to add some bulk. However Bailey has great upside, has a frame that can add 30-40 more pounds of good weight and strength and overall I liken the upside here.
#45 DE Charles Melka Benet Academy- I've seen Charles a few times now and he seems to be getting better each time I see him. Good size and frame and Melka also has a good motor. Needs to improve his overall pass rushing skills and moves but overall a nice player here.
#48 LB Brian Fordon Providence Catholic- liked this kid when I saw him last season and I still feel the dame. Still needs to add some size but has skills and game and will get bigger and better this winter and spring. Good in coverage skills and drill work.
#50 LB Reggie Spearman Simeon- I just love a kid who keeps getting inline for reps and work and that's Spearman here. Hard nosed kid, good overall tools and again just love any kid who wants it that bad. Always a plus in my book.
#51 DT Jonathon Schultz Crete-Monee- again just another blue collar type. Did well in one on ones and will battle all comers.
#52 DT Brian Allen Hinsdale Central- just wait till this kid adds about 20-30 more pounds of muscle. Yikes. Just a sophomore, Allen has early offers already from Iowa and Michigan State and for good reason. Allen is a perfect nose guard type with impressive strength and mobility. You can easily see those wrestling moves in his game and I also see nothing but upside here.
LB Jack Fordon Providence Catholic- no question Jack needs to work on his hands but this is a prototypical ILB type who plays hard between the tackles. Big and physical kid here who plays well on tape and was also impressive on the hoof here.
LB Adam O'Grady Lincoln-Way East- injured his hand in drill work and that really effected his day. Pretty good looking kid here on the hoof and that alone made me want to see more from him.
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