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Recap: Core 6 Showcase Offense

The 2nd annual /a>Core 6 Athletes Underclassmen Showcase was held and featured over 75 of the top prospect from the Land of Lincoln. This event was held at the Westmont Yard sports complex in Westmont, Illinois and this second annual event much like Core 6 Athletes has grown in numbers along with adding some serious quality of athletes.
Below is a quick look at some of the over 75 plus prospects who stood out today. Make sure to check the EDGY Nation forum all week for exclusive video highlights and more in depth analysis from this event.
Award Winners?
Offensive/Defensive Line MVP? Lemont junior offensive tackle prospect Ethan Pocic was named as the MVP for the linemen group and this was honestly a no brainer despite Pocic having some very good competition all day. The best group positionally hands down were the offensive linemen and Pocic stood out the entire day. Pocic is just a well rounded and complete prospect already. Pocic has tremendous size and strength, moves his feet well, has good punch and again was by far the most developed and well rounded linemen here.
Defensive MVP? Defensive back prospect Jalen Banks from Thornton Township was named as the Defensive MVP and again after getting a good look at the positional drills and the one on ones Banks stood out on defense all day. Banks has great physical tools, possesses very good speed and change of direction. Banks also has a great nose for the ball, can play physical and took on all comers all day here. I'm honestly still a bit surprised at the lack of early offers so far for Banks but I expect that to change soon. A top notch corner prospect here who physically could play safety as well at the next level.
Offensive MVP? Junior standout Ty Isaac from Joliet Catholic. Duh. At this stage Isaac basically can just show up and be the best looking prospect in the building, yet Isaac works at his craft and his game and loves to go out and compete. Again Isaac is a high level recruit who honestly could be sitting at home Tweeting instead of competing but to me that's what makes this kid pretty special. Isaac has all of the tools of a big back at the college level.....size, strength, speed and a motor that never stops. 5 star anyone? Ty Isaac is a 5 star caliber kid in my book.
Who Stood Out? Offense
Again the offensive line group was by far the best position here.
#1 RB Ty Isaac Joliet Catholic- see above.
#2 WR Cameron Green Stevenson- another young kid here (2015 prospect) who has a real chance. Needs to add size and strength but runs well and is fluid. I definitely would watch this kid's development over the next few years.
#3 RB Kendrick Foster Peoria Richwoods- a smaller and more compact running back and Foster has great wheels and wiggle. His overall height will be a concern for some bigger level schools but I see this as a back who will no question get looks and eventual offers. Great speed and change of direction here.
#7 QB Craig Slowik Joliet Catholic- didn't get a chance to throw a ton for the Hillmen last year but Slowik I felt threw a really good ball here.
#8 WR Max Brozovich Minooka- good all around athlete type made some nice catches in one on ones. Runs good routes and overall just made plays here.
#9 QB Kevin Weller Benet Academy - not sure what the deal was last year for Weller at Benet but I keep seeing a quarterback who throws a really nice ball at these combines.
#10 Mickey Macius St. Viator- again had a rough season at Viator but Macius also is a very solid and accomplished passer who I thought improved himself today. Mechanics looked pretty solid here.
#11 TE Troy Fumagalli/Waubonsie Valley- thinner than I expected but Fumagalli has the look of a prospect who will add some size and weight at the college level. Very good hands and ball skills and will be 6-foot-5, 230-240 pounds in college. Has the look of a prototypical West Coast offense style of tight end.
#19 QB Chris Streveler Marian Central Catholic- overall mechanics looked a bit off but Streveler is a well put together prospect here. Good sized kid who will get more looks this spring.
#23 WR Justin Corbett Lincoln-Way East- is a legit 6-foot-2, 200 pounds and has some impressive physical tools. Needs to catch the ball a bit better in traffic but this is a prospect who has a real chance.
#24 JoWahn Brown Thornton Township- certainly not a totally polished quarterback but Brown, the younger brother for former TT standout and current Core 6 coach Keyon Brown has a real chance. Big and athletic kid with some real athletic abilities here.
#25 Joey Borsellino Montini Catholic- doesn't have the ideal size or look but like his older brothers Borsellino just shows up and comes ready to play. Made several quality catches in one on ones and is a real play maker here.
#40 Zach Rezin Joliet Catholic- another young pup (2014 kid) who showed pretty well here.
#41 OL Joe Kupcikevicius Oak Lawn Richards- thinner and lankier kid but technically does some good things. Needs to get back in the weight room but again a name to remember here.
#43 OT Colin McGovern Lincoln-Way West- still looks to be learning the position but physically McGovern measures up with some of the best here. Very impressive in drill work and easily will get more looks and offers.
#44 OL Nick Severs Macomb- made the long trek to Westmont for this event and made his trip worthwhile. Good frame and length here, still needs to add size and weight but potentially this kid is a real sleeper here.
#46 OC Tyler Lancaster Plainfield East- like McGovern still has much to learn but physically has the tools. Will be a OC/OG type in college and I can see Lancaster drawing MAC level looks and interest soon.
#48 OT Kendall Moore Simeon- wasn't as big out of pads than I expected but still a good sized kid here who competed and has a very good motor.
#49 OT Blake King Minooka- kid was 230 pounds during the season but is now adding much needed size and strength. Still physically a work in progress but I see a ton of upside here. Will need to have a great summer but could pull in D-1 level offers down the road.
#50 OL JB Butler Joliet Catholic- another 2014 kid I've seen already in person. For now Butler is an offensive interior linemen at the college level. Has good overall size and balance. Needs to learn how to get more physical at these things but this was also his first ever combine. No question a name to watch/remember for 2014.
#55 TE Logan Larson Pleasant Plains- played for SHG for a few years before transferring out of SHG. Worked out as a tight end here and showed good overall ball skills and tools. I have a feeling Logan could wind up at DE at the college level or even as a OC/OG. No question physically an impressive kid to watch here.
#76 OT Logan Tuley-Tillman Peoria Manual- Logan is already drawing a boatload of early offers and one look at him on the hoof explains why. Great size kid with a huge wingspan. very quick and fluid here and fought thru injury and performer well overall. Not as polished or as accomplished at this stage as say Pocic but the physical tools and upside of Tuley-Tillman will no question put him near the top of any recruiting rankings in Illinois and the Midwest. I'm really interested to see how much this kids can improve and develop over the next 12 months or so.
#77 Ethan Pocic Lemont- see above for Offensive/Defensive line MVP/
Tomorrow: Defenseive standouts.
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