Underclassmen Look! DL Larry Luster

DL Larry Luster Profile
EDGY gives you the first look at some of the Top Underclassmen the State of Illinois!
Name: Larry Luster
Uniform Number: 73
Position: DL
Height: 6-2
Weight: 280 pounds
Graduation year? 2004
About Larry Luster? Larry Luster will be a three year varsity starter for the Cyclones in 2003, and Luster was a Special Mention All Conference (Central State 8) in 2002. Luster made 70 tackles and had 7 sacks in 2002 for the Cyclones. Luster is a solid student in the classroom (2.7 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
What others are saying about larry Luster? "Outstanding strength and moves pretty well for a big guy." "You take a look at this kid without the uniform on and it's easy to see that he will continue to grow and he will get bigger."
In Larry Luster's words what he needs to work on the most this off-season? "Basically I want to work on both my overall footspeed and quickness as well as my overall endurance."
Players you most admire? "Warren Sapp. I like Sapp because he's just extremely aggreessive and likes to just beat everyone in front of him."
College contact? "I've gotten the most mail right now from Purdue, Illinois, Boston College, Michigan and Northwestern."
Larry Luster's favorite movie of all time? "The Program. I like alot of the football scenes in the movie, especially the guy that paints his face!"
Favorite college growing up? "Virginia Tech. I've always have been a big fan of Virginia Tech even as a kid."
EDGY's take on Larry Luster? Larry Luster as a player and a recruit reminds me of Lincoln-Way East DL Otto Linwood (Miami of Ohio verbal). Luster, like Linwood is just a big and strong kid inside who can and will cause havoc, yet Luster also has good movement and feet as well. Also here is a kid that still has alot of growing left to do physically and he could easily add more strength as well as fill out in an off-season. Luster is able to shed the blocker at the point of attack and has solid balance and finishes very well. Luster also has a very good motor and has an excellent work ethic as well!