EdgyTim - Week 3: State Wide IHSA Coaches Polls
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Week 3: State Wide IHSA Coaches Polls

Illinois Football Coaches Spring Ranking Poll 2021 FAQ

When will the voting open each week and when will my vote be due?

Each week the voting google poll will be sent out on Sunday morning by 9:00 am and will be due by Monday at 12:00 pm, noon, so that we can tabulate the results and send them out. Pre-season voting will be from Friday March 5th through Tuesday March 9th at noon.

Will my vote be anonymous? Who sees results?

Yes, your vote will not be shared with anyone else. The group of coaches voting may be shared but not individual votes. We will share the Poll Results with a local media group and all the coaches in the voting

Will strength of schedule be added into the poll?

Not directly, but the voters should consider this when making their votes. We are counting on coaches that have elected to be on the class panels to be knowledgeable and fair in what they vote upon

How will the coaches Poll voting be calculated?

Rankings will be calculated in the same way as the NCAA AP Coaches Poll. You will get 10 points for a 1st place vote, 9 points for a second, etc. Rankings will be based on the number of points a team receives. Ties will be broken based on the team that receives more votes for a higher rank.

Which enrollment numbers are being used to put together the classes?

We are using the 2019 playoffs for the classes currently. Classes and leaders were setup accordingly.

What if there's a team that is not listed that I’d like to vote for?

Every week we ask you for teams not being included on the list that should be included. Include that response with your vote and we will update the list for the next week.

Are we only representing our region/division/conference?

You are a coach within the class and yes you represent all of those things (region/conference), but we ask that you make an informed decision about all of the teams in your class as a whole while you vote.